Altada Partners With SlyceData

Altada Technology Solutions, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that supercharge data-driven decision making, is forming a strategic partnership with SlyceData, enabling joint customers to seamlessly combine data from multiple sources, including those generated by Altada’s AI solution.

“We’re excited about this strategic partnership with SlyceData because it greatly expands our technology capabilities,” said Allan Beechinor, Altada CEO. “Together, we will deliver a solution designed to empower professionals within financial institutions to make data-driven decisions as quickly as possible, using the best available data sources.”

SlyceData is a data management platform for investment researchers that automates the data wrangling process and provides intuitive tools for exploring and extracting financial data. SlyceData’s solution automates the crucial tasks of ingestion and concordance of data sets, complementing Altada’s suite of financial services AI solutions.

Altada uses AI to generate structured datasets from previously inaccessible information, dramatically increasing the available data sources for financial services teams.

Sharing technology capabilities, the Altada-SlyceData partnership will better serve the data analytics market across various use cases.

The partnership will enable SlyceData to provide greater value to many financial institutions. The combined Altada-SlyceData solution will provide clients with access to new data sources.

It will also allow customers to intuitively explore, extract, and visualize their various data sources side-by-side.

According to the vendors, these advanced capabilities will enable financial institutions to optimize their performance by making data-driven decisions quickly and cost-effectively.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Altada, who share our vision for a data-driven future for financial services and beyond,” said Chris Harrison, CEO of SlyceData. “SlyceData provides unique expertise around financial data management and a deep familiarity with the investment management space, while Altada brings the best of breed in AI and machine learning to streamline processes and quickly unlock new sources of data. By sharing our capabilities, we’ll accelerate product development to deliver a compelling solution – focused on data usability and accessibility – that will help firms leverage their data to drive business results.”