DSers, Shopify Partner For Multiple eCommerce Dropshipping Business Scenarios

DSers, an eCommerce solutions provider, has established comprehensive eCommerce integration with Shopify. The link forms part of DSers’ broader ongoing commitment to providing next-level dropshipping solutions that minimize time and effort whilst supercharging revenue for Shopify merchants.

Dropshipping merchants do not purchase inventory before selling products online, which means that order fulfillment depends on reliable suppliers. Changes on the supplier’s side directly affect whether a merchant’s order can be fulfilled fast and with guaranteed quality, as well as their overall store revenue, word-of-mouth, and reputation. DSers and Shopify have engaged in comprehensive discussions and established a solid integration to serve multiple eCommerce dropshipping business scenarios as a trusted Shopify partner.

“At DSers, we are proud to be a loved and trusted business partner for countless Shopify merchants worldwide. We are constantly striving to improve the dropshipping experience for sellers, allowing them to focus on closing orders and building strong marketing and branding. We will continue to work closely with Shopify to enhance connectivity and functionality in order to offer an unparalleled eCommerce experience for Shopify merchants,” said Kevin Jones, CEO at DSers.

DSers’ connectivity to Shopify enables merchants to do business better in various scenarios across the supply chain. The app automatically synchronizes any supplier price changes during procurement and notifies merchants. In tandem, DSers applies pricing rules to their Shopify stores based on new prices to maintain revenue levels. Any changes in the supplier’s product inventory are automatically updated to the merchant’s store in real-time.

A fundamental part of any successful e-commerce business, DSers’ integration with Shopify simplifies marketing to increase profits for merchants. Sellers can set up buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) or bundle offers in seconds using built-in marketing widgets without any prior experience or the need for platform-specific training.

For Shopify merchants, order fulfillment is critical to ensure prompt delivery and enhance customer satisfaction. By connecting their Shopify store to DSers, sellers can easily add high-quality suppliers for order fulfillment and alternative suppliers to use as a backup. DSers also offers a game-changing bulk order feature: with just a few clicks, sellers can place up to 100 orders at a time in seconds and simplify the entire ordering process.

Not only a delight for merchants, the DSers and Shopify integration ensures an exceptional experience for customers to improve retention. Orders and shipping confirmation emails are automatically triggered in Shopify, so customers know exactly where their order stands at all times. Any order notes are immediately delivered to merchants on the platform to ensure they address any specific concerns, and merchants can then relay this information to suppliers to ensure orders are delivered in line with customer expectations.