Merkle Launches Inflation Resilience Dashboard

Merkle, Dentsu’s customer experience management company, launched the Inflation Resilience Dashboard to help business leaders and marketers with critical consumer insights to influence marketing and business decisions.

The dashboard visualizes inflation resilience in the United States by geographic location, down to the county level, and by generation as part of an initiative to supply companies with advanced information on how customers are being impacted during this volatile time. The Inflationary Resilience Measure, the dashboard algorithm, will be continuously reviewed and updated to include the most relevant data points, such as rental rates and percentage of discretionary spending.

“Data should be the foundation of marketing and business decisions to ensure you’re creating the best experience possible for your consumer,” said Shirli Zelcer, head of analytics and data at Merkle, in a statement. “With prices rising for everything from energy to food, the impact consumers are feeling hasn’t previously fully been understood, nor has it allowed for an appropriate shift in business and marketing strategies to accommodate. Data and analytics have always been cornerstones for our work, and this dashboard will fuel actionable insight and lead to more informative conversations to better understand the true impact of inflation.”