Motoboy Launches Electric Delivery Solutions

Motoboy Delivery Services, the UAE’s RTA-approved sustainable electric bike logistics solutions provider, has launched its innovative services across Dubai.

A homegrown on-demand express delivery solutions provider, Motoboy offers agile, economical, and eco-friendly deliveries with a no-minimum distance required for organizations, individuals, and restaurants.

Launched with an innovative business model that is employee-centric, the industry disruptor is the first of its kind in the UAE to employ its staff of delivery riders, providing them with a fixed income, visa, and medical insurance, with the option of permanent and part-time employment.

Currently, with a fleet of over 35 electric and traditional vehicles, Motoboy aims to achieve zero carbon emissions in the long run, aligning its business model with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy. Each Motoboy electric bike has a driving range of 150 kilometers. Affordable price points ensure that Dubai’s companies, residents, and visitors have easy access to fast and cost-effective same-day deliveries on their purchases.

With a deep-rooted vision to support delivery riders, Motoboy prioritizes employee welfare and wellbeing. The express delivery services provider offers riders the opportunity to take on full-time and part-time employment as a Motoboy courier.

Farid Dallal, Founder, and CEO of Motoboy said: “Delivery riders work long hours for minimum wage and the majority of their income is commission-based. They bear a large amount of costs and then have to use the remainder of their earnings to support their families in their native countries. With only a small portion being saved, riders cannot improve their living standards despite all the hard work they do. At Motoboy, we wanted to ensure our couriers are given equal opportunity to earn a steady income and have focused our business model towards an employee-centric approach.”

“At Motoboy, we aim to offer environmentally-friendly and affordable delivery services that support enhancing the UAE economy and the country’s position towards building a sustainable infrastructure. We are redefining the ‘Last Mile’ deliveries segment by offering sustainable courier and food delivery services and aim to support reducing our customers’ carbon footprint as a result. Motoboy is the first electric delivery services company in the country, and we are excited to bring our innovative business model to the UAE.”