Schwarz Group Is Improving Its IT Infrastructure With A New Platform


Schwarz Group’s IT infrastructure – which spanned stores, supply chain, data centers, an increasing number of IoT devices, and online and app-based shopping experiences – had to be further optimized.

The messaging and integration layer had to be architected in a way that facilitated the rapid rate of innovation and growth the Schwarz Group required and to meet customer expectations for a more integrated shopping experience.

To meet their need for a stable, reliable, and future-proof hybrid integration platform, the Schwarz Group is replacing its legacy messaging middleware with PubSub+ Platform, Solace’s sophisticated event streaming and management platform that reliably streams information between applications, devices, and user interfaces across geographies and diverse cloud and on-premises environments.

“Linking decentralized and siloed services in stores across Europe and in the US with our existing ecosystem of traditional business systems and integration platforms will help us take many activities and customer interactions to a whole new level,” said Michael Weidig, head of IT engineering and integration services, Schwarz IT.