Mindshare Launches Precisely Human Intelligence (PHI)

Mindshare, the media services company that is part of WPP, launched Precisely Human Intelligence (PHI) – a new suite of machine learning products that help brands better understand the motivations, mindsets and emotions that drive consumer decision-making and then buy those audiences at scale.

The PHI suite of products combines empathy and precision through a deeper understanding of human identity connected to first-party data. It is built on Audience Origin, part of the Choreograph WPP data spine, which holds extensive, first-party consumer data around interests, behaviors, media consumption and purchase decision-making across 74 markets.

It is the largest global consumer database of its kind and the underlying first-party, non-cookie-based records are constantly updated, enabling Mindshare to understand consumer motivations in much greater detail and for the first time making it possible to plan and buy audiences based on their motivations or emotions across digital platforms at scale.

The Precisely Human Intelligence suite consists of four core products:

  • PHI Culture – Delivering more relevant messaging and media activation through a more nuanced understanding of culture, using a unique combination of algorithms and large consumer data sets.
  • PHI Platform – Delivering better creative storytelling, through a highly scalable, globally automated analysis of consumer motivations and how they map to social media platforms.
  • PHI Commerce – Delivering more precise targeting, using a global cognitive science approach that gives a robust understanding of subconscious decision-making patterns.
  • PHI Media – Delivering significantly improved effectiveness of cross-platform media buys, using always-on, continuously updated media behavior segments paired with bespoke data from client segmentations.

Speaking about the launch, Adam Gerhart, Global CEO, Mindshare, said: “The Precisely Human Intelligence suite of products is part of Mindshare’s vision to deliver Good Growth for our clients. The underlying products are already driving growth and value for clients. By shifting from third-party precision signals to a balanced first-party data approach we have seen an incremental lift in performance metrics by up to 35%.”

Victoria Cook, Global Chief Data Strategy & Insights Officer, Mindshare, said: ”Humans are complex. We change our identity based on our context, we have more ways to self-identify than ever before and we can hold multiple identities at once. Precisely Human Intelligence gives us a better way to understand humans and how to connect with them in media by taking empathy data and connecting it to precision data. We are unique in being able to do this because we have built our solutions on Audience Origin, Choreograph’s bespoke data service available in 74 markets, which gives us access to proprietary first-party data and the scale we need to plan globally. It allows us to deliver better ad experiences for consumers by finally connecting the understanding we have of real people to buying systems in media.”