47% Of Consumers Unsubscribe From Retailers If Bombarded With Promotional Messages

Forty-seven percent of consumers said that they unsubscribe from a retailer’s promotional messages if they get too many messages. Conversely, 71% say they are most receptive to promotional messages based on the relevancy of the offer, and 63% dislike receiving irrelevant messaging from a retailer.

The results are from The Optimove 2022 Consumer Survey of Retail Buying Preferences, a survey of 500 consumers ages 18+. The survey was designed by Optimove and fielded by Survey Monkey in the second quarter of 2022.   

According to Pini Yakuel, CEO at Optimove, “Retail brands often turn up the frequency of marketing messages to drive more sales. These tactics can often drive consumers to the brink of saying, ‘I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.’ So, they unsubscribe. However, these results show that retail marketers need to increase the relevancy to each customer to deepen a consumer’s relationship with the brand.”  

Added Yakuel, “To deliver relevant retail marketing messages, a retailer must know the customer – down to their specific preferences. If retail marketers know a consumer’s likes and dislikes, customers will trust the brand,” he concluded.   

The survey also asked consumers the way they like to shop. Results show that the top two ways consumers like to shop are to “Browse and buy in-person:” 59%; and “Browse and buy Online (Web):” 57.60%. Forty-two percent (42%) chose; “Browse online, shop in-person.”