Adjust Unveils AI-Powered Mobile Analytics Solution

Adjust Unveils Mobile Analytics Solution Powered by AI, Advanced Machine Learning to Uncover Incrementality

With Adjust’s InSight, marketers can leverage incrementality analysis to measure the impact of particular marketing actions.

Adjust, a measurement and analytics company, unveiled InSight, a machine learning and AI-powered measurement solution, giving marketers a data-driven lens to evaluate campaign effectiveness.

Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer at Adjust, said, “As our industry moves towards a more privacy-centric, aggregated approach to measurement, marketers are faced with even more complexity in understanding the true impact of their efforts. This new era demands new innovative approaches that unlock real visibility. Without it, optimising campaigns and allocating budget becomes a guessing game and marketers could be highly misled by relying solely on short-term measurement.”

With Adjust’s InSight, marketers can leverage the capabilities of incrementality analysis to measure the impact that particular marketing actions, such as budget increases, have on ROI. This enables marketers to easily analyse these marketing activities against target KPIs – discerning if they provide incremental lift, cannibalize organics or have no effect – to make ROI positive decisions.