Adobe AI Assistant Now Generally Available

Adobe AI Assistant Now Generally Available

The Experience Platform Adobe AI Assistant, which was previewed at Adobe Summit earlier this year, gives users easier ways to conduct analysis.

The Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant, previewed at Adobe Summit in March, is now generally available to users. 

The new Adobe AI Assistant is threaded through the Experience Platform and can pop up almost anywhere. Clicking on its icon opens a simple dialogue box where the user can type natural language questions and instructions. The aim is to democratise an array of features, making them available to any business user. These include automating tasks and workflows, generating new journeys and audiences, and simulating outcomes. 

The AI Assistant can analyse or generate summaries of documents of any length or convert them into presentations. It is expected to “democratise” access to enterprise applications by bringing more users into content production and other workflows.

Among the main capabilities of the now generally available feature are:

  • Insights into the Experience Platform. Users can ask questions about audience segments, identity maps, datasets and journeys.
  • Content generation, including images from Adobe Firefly.
  • Predictive insights into campaigns (upcoming).