AiFi Reaches 80th Autonomous Retail Store Opening Milestone

AiFi has celebrated its 80th autonomous retail store opening worldwide.

The retail technology provider has partnered with major companies including Aldi, Verizon, Microsoft, Carrefour and Compass Group.

AiFi claims it has deployed the largest number of camera only, computer vision powered stores across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Across the course of 2022, AiFi has increased the speed of deployment to two stores per week.

The company showcased the deployment by opening 50 computer vision powered locations with Żabka, Poland’s largest convenience store chain, in the span of a few months.

“The biggest challenge that tech providers in our space are experiencing is scalability, or in other words, figuring out how to meet the needs of each individual retailer and their respective customer base, while successfully deploying these autonomous stores at a rate that meets the fast growing demand we’re seeing,” AiFi chief technology officer João Diogo Falcão said.

“We are the only company that can deploy an autonomous store in less than a week within a vast range of venues and store formats.”

“We are incredibly proud to share that we now have 80 stores open, more than double the number of Amazon Go stores, which showcases our unique ability to share our computer vision powered solution with retailers looking to be at the forefront of tech innovation.”

So far, AiFi’s autonomous stores have served over 800,000 shoppers and processed the purchase of nearly 2.5 million items worldwide.

When partnering with the tech firm, retailers have three choices: to transform an already existing store, create a new hybrid or fully autonomous store or Delpy a ready to go portable store.