Conductrics Adds Survey Capabilities to CX Optimization Platform

Conductrics, a digital experimentation and artificial intelligence company, has integrated customer surveying capabilities into its AB testing, experimentation, and optimization platform to enable customer experience (CX) professionals to use direct customer feedback as an integral part of their testing and optimization practices.

Conductrics Market Research integrates optimization with market research. Users can combine and use real-time insights from customer research with learnings from experimentation to improve their products and services.

“Working alongside our client partners, it became clear that even though tools for experimentation and optimization are extremely powerful, they have been inherently limited because no matter the type of A/B test or [machine learning] algorithm, experimentation and personalization has lacked visibility into a key and necessary,source of information – the voice of the customer,” said Conductrics Co-Founder and CEO Matt Gershoff in a statement.

“The new survey feature from Conductrics is a game-changer for our clients and the industry,” said Kelly Wortham, senior director for optimization at Search Discovery, in a statement. “But the feature I’m most excited about is the ability to use survey responses as goals in future AB tests so every new test I run can include task completion or satisfaction survey questions, and I can see in my test results exactly how each treatment affected those metrics along with my primary KPI.”