DanAds Collaborates with SAS 360 Match

DanAds Collaborates with SAS 360 Match

DanAds will use SAS 360 Match to enhance advertising opportunities within the retail sector, providing a complete, effective offering designed to meet the unique needs of retailers and their advertisers.

DanAds, an advertising technology provider, announced a new collaboration with SAS® advertising and marketing technology to transform advertising within the retail sector. This effort will combine SAS’ powerful ad server, SAS 360 Match, with DanAds’ self-service platform to deliver a singular, market-ready offering designed specifically for retailers. SAS, a data and AI firm, offers an extensive suite of solutions that help organisations transform data into trusted decisions, including its fully independent, first-party ad server.

In the dynamic world of retail advertising, this offering will introduce a comprehensive ad monetisation platform that will enable retailers to sell advertising inventory directly and efficiently. By uniting DanAds’ expertise in streamlined sales and order intake with SAS’ robust ad decisioning and delivery engine, the offering will cater to the nuanced demands of the retail industry.

“The powerful capabilities of SAS 360 Match combined with DanAds’ platform will set an exciting new precedent for what is possible in retail media, empowering retailers to unlock the full potential of their data and digital touchpoints,” said Scott Briggs, Commercial Strategy Manager at SAS.

“The collaboration utilises DanAds’ innovative technology to equip retailers with the tools needed for automating and optimising advertising operations. With SAS’ advanced decision engine, retailers will be able to access deeper insights and predictive analytics to refine their advertising strategies, ultimately driving better results and higher returns on investment,” added Johan Liljelund, Chief Information Officer of DanAds.

The DanAds and SAS collaboration will enable seamless management and optimisation of ad campaigns through a complete offering tailored to boost productivity and innovation in the sector.