Descript Partners With LinkedIn’s Creator Accelerator Program

Descript, the simple but powerful tool that makes editing video and audio as easy as editing a doc, announces a partnership with the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program to help emerging creators grow their audiences and learn to monetize their content.

Making it as a content creator isn’t easy. While the creator economy is estimated at a healthy $100 billion today, there are more than 50 million worldwide creators fighting for every piece of the pie. Getting in the door and growing a large enough audience to start making money requires creativity, commitment, and workflow mastery. Access to the right support, resources and tools can help ease the burden.

Descript is committed to supporting creators across the globe. The company will join LinkedIn’s creator accelerator programs in Brazil, the United Kingdom, and a new U.S. program focused on creators who are passionate about technology and innovation. Earlier this year, Descript joined LinkedIn’s first U.S. creator accelerator program and a subsequent program in India. As part of the partnership, Descript provides access to Descript Pro to all applicants and participants of each program, in addition to offering exclusive help resources, training sessions, and office hours.

For too long, creators have been faced with a choice: use simple tools with limited capabilities, or spend months learning complex legacy tools that require extensive training. Whichever they choose, they still need multiple apps for managing their audio and video workflows. Descript is the missing link; it removes these barriers by equipping creators with a single intuitive, easy-to-use and powerful tool that acts as a fully-powered end-to-end production app.

“Our participation in LinkedIn’s creator accelerator programs fosters our support of emerging creators, and cements Descript as a key part of the creator work stack,” said Jay LeBoeuf, Head of Business and Corporate Development at Descript.

“Ever since I started using Descript, my video editing time has been cut by over 50%,” said Carlynn Greene, participant in LinkedIn’s U.S. creator accelerator program in January. “Now, I no longer procrastinate or dread having to edit longer videos since it’s easier and less time-consuming.”

The LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program is a six-week incubator-style program backed by a $25 million fund that helps participants grow their audiences by bringing new concepts and visions to life. Accepted program participants receive a financial award, support from the LinkedIn team, and early access to LinkedIn tools.