Fast Simon’s GenAI Hybrid Search Boosts Ecommerce Search

Fast Simon’s GenAI Hybrid Search Boosts Ecommerce Search

Fast Simon combines keyword and vector search to grow conversions by more than 30%.

Fast Simon, a provider of AI-powered shopping optimisation, announced GenAI Hybrid Search to deliver the most accurate and relevant search results to online shoppers and significantly reduce the return of “no results.” GenAI Hybrid Search combines keyword and vector search using advanced multimodal AI. As a result, Fast Simon customers have seen search conversions in apparel, footwear, and accessories grow by more than 30% using GenAI Hybrid Search compared to keyword search alone.

According to Forrester, 43% of retail customers head directly to the search bar on a website. As technology advances — especially with AI — shoppers expect search results to be fast, accurate and relevant, but many ecommerce sites fall short because they rely solely on simple keyword matching. Multimodal AI significantly improves search performance by leveraging various data types, including text and images, to give AI more context. Combining this with Fast Simon’s powerful keyword search greatly reduces the incidence of “no results” and delivers more relevant responses, even with long-tail queries or queries with similar semantic meanings but different keywords.

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“It’s no shock that the AI-enabled ecommerce market is poised to reach nearly $17 billion by 2030. We’re leveraging AI to solve the industry’s most pervasive problems, like search abandonment, which costs retailers billions of dollars every year,” said Zohar Gilad, Founder and CEO of Fast Simon. “The future of fashion will be built on AI. And that future starts now.”

Retail ecommerce sales are expected to grow to $7.391 trillion by 2025, and merchants who adopt AI-powered shopping optimisation technology will take the lion’s share of those sales. Fast Simon’s GenAI Hybrid Search, combined with the company’s recent release of Smart Rendering, significantly improves the shopper experience and increases sales for ecommerce brands.