GrapevineAI Raises Funds For On-Demand, Scalable Creator Content


GrapevineAI makes launching creator campaigns as easy as ordering an Uber

GrapevineAI is launching its on-demand, performance content platform to help growth marketers turn concepts to creator campaigns at scale. 

The company has raised $3M from strategic investors, including SUBTA Ventures, 1180 Media (Nik Sharma), and FounderPath. In 2022, GrapevineAI acquired My Subscription Addiction, the most prolific DTC content and reviews site, to accelerate its mission.

However, the operation requires the heavy lifting of finding the right creators, negotiating one-off deals, managing deliverables, and doing last-mile designing and editing. GrapevineAI’s technology platform and marketplace of creators, designers, and editors makes turning concepts into campaigns as easy as ordering an Uber.

GrapevineAI was founded by experienced operators Nick Shah and Caroline Levere. Shah is a co-founder of digital performance marketing company Ampush, which was recently sold to Tinuiti. Levere, whose professional background includes roles at Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gilt, serves as GrapevineAI’s COO. 

“A talented growth marketer can move the needle for a business, but they are often bottlenecked by the painstaking labor involved in turning their concepts into campaigns,” said Shah, GrapevineAI’s co-founder and CEO. “We want to take all the friction out of the process to give leverage to their ideas, so they can successfully grow their brands.” 

Noticing a struggle for brands and growth marketers to source content that is both authentic and relatable to consumers, while also being tuned for performance, GrapevineAI has become a one-stop-shop for third-party voice needs.

“In my experience working with hundreds of brands, one thing that stuck out to me was the immense need for authentic, performance-driven content ready for use on Meta, TikTok and other social channels. We started with a few brands a year ago, and it was clear from their excitement and the performance that we were onto something,” said Levere.