Hugo Boss Deploys AR mirror for Try-on Experience

Hugo Boss is deploying the PictoFit Mirror, an augmented reality technology aimed at providing shoppers with the ability to virtually try on thousands of products via a lifelike personalized avatar tailored to a shopper’s dimensions.

The mirror, developed by Reactive Reality, allows retailers to combine the familiarity and experience of in-store shopping with the convenience of unrestricted stock and home delivery via online shopping, according to a press release. It’s being used in the fashion retailer’s U.K. locations.

The mirror functions by allowing customers to create a lifelike avatar with an accuracy of over 93%.

The technology is created via two devices; the mirror, which displays a dressing room with the user’s avatar and outfit of choice, and a tablet, which is used for user interaction.

Customers can also pair smartphones with the mirror. The mirror can also be linked to the retailer’s e-commerce solution.