Indemn Launches AI Copilot

Indemn Launches AI Copilot

The Copilot empowers insurance professionals to provide instant, personalised service across the entire customer journey.

Indemn, the conversational insurance platform, announced the launch of its AI-powered Agent Copilot, a first-of-its-kind SaaS solution for insurance agents, Managing General Agents (MGAs), and insurers. The product delivers a next-generation customer experience through natural language powered by genAI. Designed to work alongside the agent or broker, the Copilot provides response recommendations alongside a live chat conversation and continuously learns from customer interactions.

Indemn’s Copilot represents a pivotal moment in the insurance industry’s digital transformation. By harnessing the power of advanced language models and human-in-the-loop learning, the Copilot empowers insurance professionals to provide instant, personalised service across the entire customer journey, from quote to claim.

“We started Indemn to deliver natural language access to insurance products and services through cutting edge AI,” said Kyle Geoghan, Co-founder and CEO of Indemn. “Through our journey, we’ve learned what it takes to deliver an exceptional user experience with AI agents. With the launch of our Copilot, we’re excited to share these capabilities more broadly with insurance agents and MGAs, helping them better serve customers, reduce costs, and drive revenue growth.”

Built through extensive training for AI agents specific to the insurance value chain, and incorporating the most capable foundation models, Indemn’s Agent Copilot equips each client with a bespoke AI agent tailored to their unique business, tone, products, and knowledge base. These AI agents learn with each customer interaction – across any digital touchpoint – and become more and more integrated into the business. Over time, the platform automates more of the customer experience, tying together AI agents to deliver deep workflows and an increasingly autonomous organisation.

“Large Language Models provide a foundation for improved customer experiences for insurance,” said Patrick Daly, Co-founder and CTO at Indemn. “Our Copilot is an AI-native solution for distributing and servicing insurance products and expertise. It’s a command centre. We believe we can provide the future of buying, selling and servicing insurance, and we’re thrilled to partner with forward-thinking insurance businesses to make it a reality.”