Instant Gratification, Discovery Aspect Top Drivers In Consumer Store Visits

When asked why they would shop in a physical retail store, 45 per cent of consumers say the desire is rooted in getting hands-on goods instantly, and 38 per cent enjoy the element of discovery. The third most cited reason is that shopping is viewed as a social experience with friends and family.

Those are top findings from a Mood Media study called “Charting In-Store Trends” that polled more than 12,000 shoppers in the U.S., U.K., France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and China.

The research revealed that 38 per cent of consumers globally are shopping in-store more often now than two years ago, and 33 per cent are shopping in-store at the same level, according to a press release.

“As consumers return to brick-and-mortar stores in full force, they’re coming back with evolved shopping habits and expectations and seeing both online and offline as part of the same purchase journey,” Scott Moore, global CMO Mood Media, said in the release.

“There is no longer a debate over whether people will return to physical retail after the pandemic. They’ve returned. Now we must focus on how best to tap into continued demand for digitally enabled and ambience-rich, in-person experiences.”

Additional findings include:

  • More than three-quarters, 77 per cent, of global shoppers will prioritise brick-and-mortar shopping over ecommerce, given a pleasant in-store atmosphere.

  • Once in the store, 79 per cent of shoppers reveal that a pleasant atmosphere would make them stay longer and 84 per cent visit again.

  • Thirty-nine per cent of global consumers say music in-store lifts their mood when shopping, while 35 per cent feel that a pleasant scent does the same.

  • Fifty-seven per cent expect stores to invest in digital payment and self-service technology, while fifty-five per cent expect to see interactive screens that let them explore options and customise services or products. Almost half, 48 per cent, expect stores to showcase engaging large video displays.

  • Fifty-eight per cent of U.S. shoppers say branded music playlists and scents would make them stay longer in a physical sales space.