Jabra Launches AI-powered SaaS Solution for Contact Centers


Jabra is launching a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Engage AI. Engineered to transform contact center call experiences, the solution employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology that provides real-time insights to improve customer calls and support employee wellbeing.

The launch comes on the back of Jabra’s findings on how 76% of customers who contact customer service do so over the phone and how voice interaction remains the preferred channel for customers.

With customer experience being a key performance indicator for businesses, Engage AI is built to journey with agents to improve customer satisfaction through monitoring elements like tone of voice.

Engage AI assesses both the caller and agents conversation and levels of engagement. The solution, which works well with most contact centre systems, provides an instant measurement of the customer experience and live coaching on how to manage the given situation.

When agents deliver a friendly and energetic voice, it demonstrably improves customer satisfaction and conversion rates, and reduces call length, thereby saving costs.

Such real-time insights allow agents to adjust their approach during calls immediately to better suit the callers needs as well as post-call in the form of engagement scores to understand areas of improvement.

The engagement score and data can also be integrated into existing analytics platforms via API.

The SaaS solution comes with tools to support skill development and improve team management. Contact center agents can get access to self-coaching assessments and performance evaluations which are strength-based, inclusive, and personalized for each agent and team.

Contact center supervisors can also gain instantaneous actionable insights into their teams performance to further improve customer experience on an individual and team level.

On top of receiving real-time updates on praiseworthy and coachable moments, supervisors can use the platform to monitor employee wellbeing based on real-time event updates and dashboards with call analytics and data.

Anders Hvelplund, SVP for Call Centric Solutions at Jabra, says, “Our partners in the contact center space are obsessed with their customers and are constantly seeking ways to enhance the customer experience.

“At Jabra, we believe in getting it right from the first second and see the value in improving conversation qualities. Engage AI has cracked the code of human sentiment, enabling agents to react instantly and be the best version of themselves. We are also keen to use the platform to bring supervisors and agents closer together in this era of remote working and create more opportunities for coaching.”