Manifest Partners with Happy Returns by PayPal

Manifest, a sustainable ecommerce fulfillment provider in the United States is excited to announce their new engagement with Happy Returns by PayPal, a brand known for making returns beautiful – for shoppers, retailers, partners, and the planet.

“Returns are one of the largest points of frustration for both merchants and consumers alike,” said George Wojciechowski, CEO of Manifest. “We’re thrilled to work with an established organization like Happy Returns. We’ve seen noticeable improvements in the returns process when Manifest merchants choose to enable Happy Returns as their returns provider.”

Manifest offers 100% compostable packaging made from a unique blend of cornstarch and PBAT, a bio-based polymer. “The packaging supply chain that we use ensures all cornstarch used is sourced from discarded corn no longer fit for human consumption,” said Wojciechowski.

Manifest is committed to offering a fully supported partner integration, streamlined operational partnership, and partner marketing to Happy Returns.