Marco’s Pizza Tests Automated Voice-to-Text Ordering

Speech-enabled Application Delivers Remarkable Accuracy Plus Human-like Interactions with Guests

Marco’s Pizza announced a 50-store pilot of its proprietary voice-to-text ordering system with the goal of a systemwide rollout by the end of 2022. The speech-enabled application uses conversational artificial intelligence (AI) which yielded 100 per cent order accuracy in initial beta testing as well as increased employee and customer satisfaction.  

Designed to provide a seamless interaction with customers, the system receives phone orders via voice and automatically translates the order via text into the point-of-sale system alerting team members to begin filling the order – saving time, decreasing call abandonment rates, and improving speed and order accuracy, all to maximize the customer experience. Unique to this technology is the use of conversational AI, which simulates a human-like conversation and can convert voice across multiple digital channels and technology platforms. 

This technology creates a personalized experience for the guest and feels very different from a basic chatbot interaction. The technology understands both English and Spanish as well as a variety of accents, dialects, and colloquialisms.

“There are places where AI makes sense within the business – where it creates a better experience for both team members and guests. Not only does this technology offer franchisees a cost-effective, practical solution to reduce labour costs and drive results, but it provides support to team members while strengthening the guest experience,” said Rick Stanbridge, Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Marco’s Pizza.

The voice-to-text initiative is one of many projects Marco’s is embarking on after announcing the investment of millions of dollars in technology innovations over the next few years. Projects include the continued adoption of third-party delivery, in which Marco’s has experienced 610 per cent growth in just two years, utilizing AI for generating automated delivery promise times, vetting and testing robotic kitchen innovations, ghost kitchens, and new operational equipment.