Microsoft Introduces Customer Experience Platform


Microsoft released a number of new CX tools, including the Customer Experience Platform, voice and SMS integrations, and more.

The CX Platform exists as a series of integrations between the company’s Dynamics 365 Marketing and its Customer Insights platform, which focuses on customer data.

“We are announcing innovation across the Microsoft Cloud that will allow every organization to build a hyperconnected business, providing the agility and flexibility for organizations and employees to thrive now and into the future,” Microsoft’s corporate VP of industry, apps, and data marketing Alysa Taylor said in a blog post. “In order to be successful given these trends, every organization must move beyond ‘business as usual’ and toward a new model of hyperconnected business.”

Microsoft has noted the link between their two components and how they are used, opening up a new form of revenue and improving their customer experience within the same action.

The customer data platform (CDP) that is Customer Insights now contains a consent management feature in preview, using Azure Preview data governance services. Microsoft commented that with this, CDP users will be able to manage customer-driven consent policies for data sharing across both known aliases and pseudonyms, in order to further protect data as mandated by privacy laws.

Further features of the Customer Experience Platform include AI-orchestrated journeys, pre-built models of the customer attributes and interests, and the ability to simulate multi-touchpoint journeys within a single file.