Mixpanel Analytics Launches Embeddable Reports Tool

Embedding Mixpanel analyses in tools like FigJam, Coda and Notion helps product teams make collaborative decisions based on user data

Mixpanel, a product analytics solution for product teams announced ‘Embeddable reports’ for tools like Coda, FigJam and Notion. The integration means anyone can now share Mixpanel analyses in these, and hundreds of other tools, to make collaborative product decisions faster, based on data insights about the behaviour of users.

Product teams rely on a range of tools to bring managers, designers and engineers together to create winning digital products. Whether it’s Figma for enabling teams to build products together or Coda for unifying the product development lifecycle, digital innovators are heavy users of collaboration tools. That’s why Mixpanel has launched Embeddable reports, a new feature that allows Mixpanel Boards and reports to be easily shared within the applications that product teams use every day.

Now, when teams are in FigJam– Figma’s online whiteboarding tool– to plan their product roadmap, they can embed analysis that supports the development of new features, simply by pasting a link to the Mixpanel Board or report. Data refreshes automatically in FigJam so teams never have to worry about data being out of sync. 

“Having access to the right data in the right place means teams can build the right things for their users and make them even better over time,” said Anna Kohnen, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Figma. “Our FigJam integration with Mixpanel helps teams make data-driven decisions and move work forward faster– all in one place.”

Coda is used by teams to centralise information and context in a single team hub, reducing information silos. Now teams using Coda can embed Mixpanel reports and Boards that track Key Performance Indicators, so everyone knows the team’s objectives and progress. 

“Our users need to make data-driven decisions, and they often rely on Mixpanel to discover what’s working. With this collaboration, teams can embed Mixpanel Boards within Coda docs to share knowledge, collaborate and make better decisions, all in one place. Now, teams never have to worry about stale information, and they can easily share insights to save time and take action,” added Evan Davies, Head of Solutions, Partnerships & Marketing at Coda.

Neil Rahilly, VP of Product & Design at Mixpanel, commented, “While anyone can get insight into user behaviour with Mixpanel, the value of that insight increases exponentially when shared. Embeddable reports make it easier to bring data into the tools where teams are debating decisions, so they can make better decisions faster.”