Monster Energy Ultra Reveals Latest Flavour with AR Experience

Monster Energy Ultra Launches New Fantasy Ruby Red in First-Ever Augmented Reality Reveal of a Beverage Can

The latest immersive AR launch signifies Monster Energy Ultra’s vision to bring their Fantasy Ruby Red flavour to life. 

Monster Energy Ultra has launched Fantasy Ruby Red, the latest zero-sugar flavour joining the Monster Energy Ultra lineup, with a first-of-its-kind immersive augmented reality (AR) experience revealing custom can art. 

Dan McHugh, Monster Energy CMO, said, “We wanted to create one of our most impactful and immersive launch experiences to date, bursting our new Monster Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red flavour into life. Pushing the boundaries of innovation is part of the Monster Ultra DNA. Stepping into the world of our can art brought the energy of our new flavour-forward beverage to life, which will live on as we roll out the newest flavour nationwide for everyone to enjoy.” 

Landing in Venice, Los Angeles, visitors to the vibrant hub of Abbot Kinney Boulevard were greeted by a 10-foot-tall Monster Ultra can installation, transporting them to a mixed-reality world where the characters on the new textured cans designed by artist, Pinky Taylor, came to life.