Niche Finder Launches Platform For Competitive Website Analysis

NicheFinder announced the launch of its innovative platform that allows users to quickly and easily analyse competitive websites in any niche. 

With this software, users can search for any niche and see all the key competitors in the space, filter on search traffic, Domain Authority, and ad networks.

“I know that finding the right niche for a business or blog can be a daunting task,” said Steve Smith, the Partner of Niche Finder. 

Niche Finder is the only platform of its kind that allows users to filter domains by monthly search traffic, making it easy to identify domains that receive a specific number of visitors per month.

The platform also allows users to filter domains by Domain Authority, which helps users find low-competition domains in any niche. Additionally, the platform offers a unique feature that allows users to find domains by specific ad networks, such as Mediavine and AdThrive.

“Main goal of this software is to empower users with the data and insights they need to make informed decisions about the niches they choose to enter,” added Smith.

Niche Finder is now available to users worldwide.