Nudie Jeans Adds Ship-from-store

Sustainable denim brand Nudie Jeans has partnered with a headless commerce platform to develop a Ship-from-Store solution

The new solution enables Nudie to provide a service that will give manufacturer brands and their brick-and-mortar retailers a competitive advantage over Amazon and other giant ecommerce marketplaces.

Nudie Jeans partnered with Centra to build an ecommerce business that integrated all sales channels, ultimately creating a fulfillment ecosystem where a customer can order online but have it picked, packed and delivered from a local brick-and-mortar store. And returned there if needed. 

As a backup, the item is reserved from the main warehouse if no local stores can fulfill the order – so the customer gets what they want far more quickly and delivered in a far more sustainable way.

Nudie Jeans tech lead Melker Lindstrom: “As a brand we really strive to be sustainable in all areas and the existing system was just not a sustainable way to work.”  He continued, “We wanted to present the brand in the way we wanted and develop that front end with our partners.”