Pacsun Opens Virtual Mall Experience in Roblox

Pacsun has taken another step into the virtual world with the opening of a digital mall in the metaverse social media platform, Roblox.

Pacworld, which comes as an expansion of Pacsun’s growing Roblox presence, is an interactive experience that allows users to own and operate their own mall within the space, tasked with the object of making the mall as profitable as possible.

Players will be able to create and delete shops, carry out upgrades, decorate the mall and try to attract customers.

In a release, Brie Olson, president at Pacsun, said, “Innovation and creativity are at the heart of Pacsun’s brand voice, and we view our audience as the cultural pioneers of the future.”

Olson continued, “As we are catering to a fully digital generation, we recognise that Gen Z values community and accessibility more than any other generation, and we joined Roblox to further build that connectivity with our consumers.”

Pacsun’s optimisation in the digital world has been the company’s top priority, as it continues to focus on growth in the area. Recent initiatives by the retailer have included non-fungible token (NFT) launches and collaborative virtual reality projects, each attempting to attract the Gen Z customer group.

On the new Roblox partnership, Olsen added, “Considering that [Gen Z] leverage Roblox as a point of socialisation, we knew that in order to further our strong emotional resonance as a brand, we needed to continue to build alongside them in the gaming world.”