PilotDesk Officially Launches to Automate Advertising Operations

Magnite and SpringServe Leaders Launch PilotDesk to Automate Advertising Operations

PilotDesk’s no-code automation platform, purpose-built for the adtech industry, is platform agnostic and automates repetitive tasks.

PilotDesk, a no-code AI workflow automation platform for ad operations and account management, has been officially launched to develop advanced video ad-serving solutions.

Joseph Hirsch, CEO of PilotDesk, said,  “When we launched the most advanced video ad server in the industry – SpringServe – it was rare that a client ever used the platform to its full potential. That is because ad operations professionals are bogged down with busy work. PilotDesk solves this problem, enabling publishers to scale their ad revenue across any ad server, demand-side platform, supply-side platform, or business intelligence platform, without having to increase the cost of ad operations.”

Phil Herget, General Partner, Ardent Venture Partners, said, “PilotDesk is spearheading the AI revolution in ad operations. By freeing up teams to focus on strategic efforts, PilotDesk is paving the way for a more efficient and human-centred era in advertising technology.”

PilotDesk’s no-code automation platform, purpose-built for the adtech industry, is platform agnostic. It automates repetitive tasks that to date have required manual, administrative work like campaign setup, budget monitoring, and yield management. In doing so, PilotDesk enhances operational efficiency, leading to improved campaign performance and increased revenue streams.

To date, PilotDesk has secured over $3 million in financing from a syndicate of investors led by Ardent Venture Partners, including SpotX Co-founders Mike Shehan and Steve Swoboda (Roster Capital) and AperiamVentures. This funding will support the development and growth of the platform, expanding market reach, and fostering continued innovation in utilising artificial intelligence in ad operations.