Sainsbury’s Simplifies Payments

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has partnered with a new payments provider to simplify and modernize payment infrastructure

The new till-free technology is the first stage in a long-term innovation partnership to create more digital payment solutions for Sainsbury’s and improve its customer offering. SmartShop functionality will allow customers to pay for their shopping without visiting a till. Instead, they will pay on the go via Sainsbury’s SmartShop app on their smartphones, saving them time and creating a more flexible shopping experience.  

Underpinning the new functionality will be’s payments platform, enabling transactions through digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. This is live across Sainsbury’s ‘scan-and-go’ SmartShop stores and will be rolled out to Argos and Habitat stores in the coming months. 

Helen Hunter, CTO, customer and data, Sainsbury’s, said: “Our priority is providing our customers with a smooth and frictionless shopping experience. We’re excited to roll out this new capability, made possible by’s technology, as we redefine an omnichannel checkout experience for customers with SmartShop.”