ShipTime Announces Same Day Delivery with Uber Direct

ShipTime Announces Same Day or Next Day Package Delivery with Uber Direct

ShipTime and Uber Direct is elevating the delivery experience with same day delivery, offering higher levels of efficiency, convenience, and reliability.

ShipTime Canada Inc. announced a new partnership with Uber, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of delivery services across North America. 

This collaboration not only introduces an innovative delivery option for ShipTime members but also reinforces ShipTime’s established relationships with major courier services like Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, and more. It enhances the comprehensive range of delivery solutions available to both individual shippers and businesses.

By joining forces with Uber Direct, ShipTime is elevating the delivery experience to higher levels of efficiency, convenience, and reliability with same day delivery and next day delivery.

A New Era of Delivery Experience

This partnership heralds a significant transformation in the logistics industry, blending Uber Direct’s cutting-edge technology with ShipTime’s expertise in shipping solutions. Together, redefining what it means to deliver and receive packages, ensuring that every transaction, from the single document to bulk business shipments, is handled with unparalleled care and precision.

Uber Direct’s introduction through ShipTime represents a monumental shift in the landscape of delivery services with same day delivery and next day delivery.

Key features include:

  • Predictability with Flat Rate Pricing

    Say goodbye to unpredictable delivery costs. Uber Direct’s flat-rate pricing model ensures transparent and upfront pricing, empowering businesses to manage their budgets with confidence.

  • Simplifying Multi-Piece Shipments

    Uber Direct eliminates the complexities associated with multi-piece shipments by allowing them at no extra cost, streamlining the shipping process for businesses.

  • Ease of Sending Age-Restricted Items 

    Uber Direct includes ID checks and adult signature services at no additional charge, providing a hassle-free compliant solution for shipping age-restricted products like alcohol.

  • Rapid, Reliable Delivery for Time-Sensitive Products

    With Uber Direct, even the most time-sensitive products can be delivered swiftly and safely, expanding the range of goods that can be shipped with confidence.

  • Peace of Mind with Real-Time Tracking

    Enjoy the transparency and security of real-time tracking, keeping businesses and customers informed at every second of the delivery journey.

Shipping Smarter with ShipTime

“At ShipTime, our mission has always been to provide our members with the most reliable, efficient, and innovative shipping solutions available,” said David Scott, Chief Operating Officer at ShipTime. “Our partnership with Uber amplifies this commitment, offering our users—whether they’re sending a single sentimental item or fulfilling a critical business order—a level of service that’s unmatched in the industry.”