Wipro Expands Retail Media Offering with Cisco & AT&T

Wipro Expands Retail Media Offering with Cisco & AT&T

Wipro VisionEdge+ allows retailers to enhance customer experience and drive incremental ad revenue within physical stores.

Wipro Limited, a technology services and consulting company, announced the expansion of retail-focused capabilities within Wipro VisionEDGE+. This enhanced offering, developed in partnership with Cisco and AT&T, and leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), serves as a comprehensive retail transformation platform designed to unlock the full potential of the retail media network.

According to the National Retail Foundation, 80% of all shopping still happens in stores, providing a critical touchpoint for brands and retailers to connect with consumers. Recognising this potential, Wipro VisionEDGE+ offers a powerful, measurable, and omni-channel platform for retailers and brands that complements their existing digital strategies.

This offering allows retailers to:

  • Enhance customer experience with interactive displays that provide personalised recommendations and navigation assistance.
  • Drive incremental revenue by offering brands programmatic advertising and enabling assisted selling through digital endpoints.
  • Centralise control and operations to facilitate seamless content tracking across multiple platforms and enable scalability.
  • Create an omnichannel platform allowing customers to virtually try on items and order from ‘endless aisles.’

Wipro VisionEDGE+ combines dynamic digital signage with cutting-edge AI-based platforms, providing business insights, customer sentiment analytics, and traffic management data tailored to retailers’ specific needs while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. 

Additionally, the platform leverages:

  • Cisco’s intelligent network solutions to ensure secure and seamless connectivity within the retail environment.
  • AT&T’s network infrastructure to provide reliable and secure data transmission.
  • AWS’s robust and scalable cloud computing services to power the platform’s data analytics and machine learning capabilities in order to deliver a personalised and engaging in-store experience.