Yobe Partners with SoundHound

Yobe and SoundHound AI have partnered to offer advanced voice technology for restaurants.

The partnership involves the SoundHound for Restaurants ordering platform, which allows restaurants to integrate voice across phone, drive-thru, kiosks, and apps, while working with a variety of POS systems.

“We’re excited to be working with Yobe to show how our next-generation voice technology can function seamlessly, even in busy environments with competing noise,” said Mike Lauricella, head of channel partnerships at SoundHound, in a statement. “Voice AI is fast becoming an important customer interface for businesses and brands, and complementary technology like this helps make those interactions more natural.”

“We know there is untapped power and potential in robust voice solutions, particularly in customer service settings like restaurants. They can be a force-multiplier for driving customer engagement and revenue,” said Ken Sutton, CEO of Yobe, in a statement. “We have developed a solution that empowers humans to interact with machines that need to operate in the real world through voice technology in a seamless, natural way. We’re setting the human standard for voice and unlocking the value of these solutions in commercial settings for the first time.”