Why Does Swag Still Seek Attention?

What is pushing swag towards a revenue stream

Swag not only helps the brands boost employee engagement but also emerges as a revenue stream. 

Envision a day when your primary business shares collapse, but your secondary investment saves you from the massive outcomes. A similar thing happened to Silicon Valley Bank when it collapsed, but its swag was selling like crazy, helping the bank to compensate for the loss. 

Swag refers to company-branded items, such as apparel, accessories, tech gadgets, office supplies, and a lot more things. Not only has it been helpful in boosting employee engagement, but also enhanced brand awareness and its revenue impressively. Even though it is so useful, brands are still sceptical about adopting it.  

Why do swag shops still seek attention? 

Although swag shops are highly effective and generate impressive awareness and revenue, managing them is still an uphill battle. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • Requires thorough research in choosing the relevant suppliers from which to order, giving added responsibility to the company’s resource management team 
  • Needs commitment for drop-shipping the swags to the office within a specific time frame 
  • Demands an extra space for storage, which is a complete clutter and is difficult to organise 
  • Compels the need for manual item selection and packaging which isn’t a scalable solution when it comes to global shipment

Imagine the additional efforts a company’s swag manager has to put into maintaining their swag store. Here is where swag management platforms entered into the picture. These platforms streamline the process of purchasing, storing and distributing promotional merchandise in an automated and scalable way.  Consequently, it saves time and headaches. Enlisted below are a few global swag management platforms that are driving the industry: 

  • Printfection 
  • Sendoso 
  • Go Swag
  • Postel
  • SwagUp 
  • Axomo Swag Management
  • Gemnote
  • Alyce
  • Swagger
  • YouInkIt
  • SlingShot
  • BlinkSwag

How are global swag management initiatives cutting through the noise? 

With swag management platforms gaining a substantial market share in the past decade, some players in the industry are driving the innovation. They bring end-to-end solutions for helping businesses to gain a competitive edge. 

Custom Ink debuted Swag Space

For instance, In December 2023, Custom Ink launched Swag Space, a comprehensive platform for promo product distribution. Swag Space is a white-label solution that meets the business requirements of promo distributors. Whether it’s the creation of an online product catalogue, managing orders, or storing them, this platform makes it a few-clicks process. 

Expressing his commitment to the launch, Jeremy Parker, founder of Swag Space and co-founder and former CEO of Swag.com, “We’ve streamlined the entire buying, production, and distribution experience, and now we want to share that platform with other promo distributors, so they can use that same technology, scale, production, and distribution chain to power the success of their own businesses. 

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s just starting out, or a major distributor looking to reduce costs or improve efficiencies, the Swag Space platform offers the infrastructure and tools you need, so you can focus on your customers, sales, and growth. We are not only the front-end ecommerce platform to help you make sales; we also handle all of your production and fulfillment,” Parker added. 

SwagUp launched Swag Shop integration tools

Fully integrated with world-class swag fulfilment, SwagUp platform is elevating branded merchandise to a new level. Its Swag shop integration offers the simplest solutions for designing, sourcing and making branded swag, warehousing the items, compiled with the global distribution process. 

Showing his excitement on the debut, Micheal Martocci, CEO & Founder of SwagUp, said, “We see shops becoming an incredibly powerful tool for customer, community, and employee engagement. Especially when combined with our 100+ integrations, shops allow our customers to reward their audience with credits to shop based on events. With Shops, SwagUp becomes the only true Enterprise Swag Management Platform, and we are excited to build upon that foundation.” 

Pinnacle Promotions Debuted Company Store Platform

In August 2023, Pinnacle Promotions launched MyPromo Solutions, a revolutionary platform equipped with an intuitive interface for a personalised branded merchandise management experience. 

This user-friendly platform helped brands to streamline their ordering process, whilst bridging the gap between brands and their audiences. 

Summing it up, 

There aren’t many complex things that you can do in a matter of seconds or even, and configuring a swag shop is one of them. Credit goes to the swag management platforms and its innovators in the marketplace.