10 Campaigns that Tapped into Emotional Storytelling

10 Campaigns that Tapped into Emotional Storytelling

This is how it’s done. Take a look at our curated list of 10 marketing campaigns that used emotional storytelling as the core element to deliver its marketing messaging. 

Coca Cola and Marvel – an unexpected collaboration, but their latest campaign hit the right chords! Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes showcases custom illustrations of over 30 characters from across the Marvel Universe—from Ant-Man to Captain America—on Coca-Cola bottles and cans.

Mindy Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Partnerships at The Walt Disney Company, said, “We took the traditional marketing paradigm and redefined it in the best way possible. The result is an unprecedented campaign that taps into the power of the Marvel Universe—which is entering its 85th year of beloved characters—and tells stories in a way that can only be done when Coca-Cola and Disney come together.”

Absolutely, marketing campaigns are more about the brand stories that customers would want to hear. These stories drive a sense of empathy and belongingness among target consumers, further influencing purchase decisions. 

Global brands and marketers have been rapidly routing their marketing strategies towards an emotional appeal. Sausage brand Richmond’s £2.6 million investment championing the ‘Good Times’ is another recent example. 

Here’s a look at marketing campaigns that used emotional appeal and creative storytelling as the core elements.

Top 10 emotionally-appealing marketing campaigns that wove great stories 

1. H&M’s Immersive Digital Fashion Experience 

In 2023 H&M debuted an immersive experience for Roblox fans, connecting its young and older customers. Depicting a playful theme, the game enabled users to discover their unique digital fashion identity in the metaverse. 

2. LADbible and Google’s Collaboration with Harry Kane for AI Bard Promotion 

Harry Kane is a popular football player and an inspiration for the younger generation. He teamed up with LADbible and Google to promote Bard, showcasing his day-to-day challenges and how he deals with them, via playful prompts.   


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3. Spanx’s Innovative Campaign Starring Body Activist Charli Howard

Influencing women consumers with an urge to stay fit, Spanx, a shapewear brand, introduced its marketing campaign, starring Charli Howard. The ad focused on the adaptability of the product, centring it on how it fits perfectly with women’s lives. 

4. Corona’s ‘Sunshine is Back’ Billboard Innovation 

In 2023, Corona unveiled its sun-drenched billboard activation at Brighton’s seafront, celebrating its “100% Natural” campaign. Highlighting the objective of the use of all-natural ingredients in Corona beer, the campaign featured a 6-metre yellow board with the Corona beer label, forming a bottle shape using sunlight. 

5. Pepsi’s Collaboration with a Sneaker Tweak 

Shaq has been an evergreen brand voice for both Pepsi and Reebok. Recently, Pepsi and Reebok collaborated to design a custom shoe which accommodates the Pepsi mini can. So, Pepsi’s Sneaker allowed Shaq to enjoy a refreshing sip of Pepsi, whenever the urge arose. This advertisement conveyed Pepsi’s wider accessibility irrespective of the location. 

6. Paris Baguette’s Giveaway Trip to Paris

Enjoying a live football match with a VIP pass is a dream for all sports enthusiasts, and even if not a sports lover who is going to miss a sponsored trip to Paris. To make this dream a reality, Paris Baguette teamed up with Paris Saint-Germain. The brand took this initiative to increase its sales by tempting people to buy its products, further making them subscribe to its app. 

7. Pepsico’s Starry Campaign Featuring Basketball Player Giannis 

Pepsico’s branding strategies have always proven to be a perfect avenue where emotional appeal meets creativity. For instance, the brand featured Giannis in its Starry campaign, where the football player hilariously chose Pepsico’s Lemon Lime soda over his fan. In its other campaign, “You Can Own Any Moment,” Pepsico made a buzz with its innovative approach, showcasing women’s empowerment with a sporty feel. It played an essential role in connecting the brand with its female customers. 

8. LinkedIn’s Coffee Truck Initiative to Fuel Gen Z Professionals 

Recently, LinkedIn took a coffee truck with a twist on the road, welcoming the youth professionals to have career-boosting chats over a cup of coffee. The campaign aimed at connecting and motivating Gen Z professionals, who are the least confident when it comes to navigating their professional lives or asking for help. 

9. Nationwide’s Hyperlocal High Street Campaign 

Inculcating the feeling of community and belongingness among people of all age groups, Nationwide featured Windsor-born pop star Chesney Hawkes. The motive behind the brand’s campaign was to tell its customers the importance of branches and what difference 1:1 interaction creates. 

10. British Airways’ Initiative To Rediscover Travel 

Showcasing the homely feeling of being taken care of, and the transformative journey of its travellers, from infant to youth, this ad by British Airways was a blockbuster. The creative revolved around a baby girl taking her first flight, before imagining the various travel scenarios that would take place throughout her life as she grows into adulthood.