AliExpress Unveils Consumer Insights Report

AliExpress Unveils Consumer Insights Report

The report revealed that 94% of the European consumers surveyed stated they had spent money online over the past 3 months.

AliExpress, an international online retail marketplace under Alibaba International Digital Commerce Group, launched its inaugural Consumer Insights report exploring the online shopping landscape across Europe. Having surveyed consumers from France, Germany, Spain and the UK, the report aims to uncover key trends and insights into European consumers’ online behaviours and shopping patterns.

Gary Topp, AliExpress European Commercial Director said, “What we can see from this first Consumer Insight Report is an enduring passion for online shopping among Europeans, especially in categories that are all about personal self-expression – clothing and beauty. There is also a growing focus on digital marketplaces, alongside brands’ own retail websites as regular places to browse and buy from. I look forward to seeing what the data also reveals over time about the online shopping behaviours of European consumers.”

The figures confirm that online shopping remains very popular across Europe – with 94% of consumers surveyed stating they had spent money online over the past 3 months. The highest rates of online shopping were in Germany (96%) and Spain (95%), followed by a still very popular 90% among UK consumers.

Online spending is also holding up, with almost half (49%) of consumers spending over £251 / €288* online over the last 3 months. This rises to 53% in France and 52% in Germany. On average, almost a fifth (19%) of consumers spent between £301-500 / €403-575* online during the same time frame. ­­

In terms of purchase frequency, in the three months to November 2023, almost two thirds (61%) of shoppers stated that they had bought five or more items online.