Authenticx Expands Automation Capabilities With Autoscoring Tool


The solution enhances true data-driven decision-making for healthcare organisations navigating a turbulent economy — and beyond

Authenticx, the new standard in healthcare for listening to customer voices at scale, has released a new autoscoring tool to automate data analysis and alleviate the burden of existing healthcare resource constraints. This tool automatically evaluates and scores customer interactions using best-practice criteria for the healthcare industry.

Authenticx’s autoscoring tool uses machine learning (ML) to help organisations efficiently analyse vast amounts of data to provide more insight and context for strategic decision-making.

“The current economic instability has driven healthcare organisations to cut costs and assess operational constraints,” said Amy Brown, CEO of Authenticx. “Automation helps healthcare leaders enhance efficiencies and protect the bottom line. Customer service, operations and quality assurance teams also benefit from using automation to listen at scale to large volumes of unstructured data and identify areas of improvement for enhancing customer experiences.”

The Authenticx autoscoring tool audits interactions using industry-specific criteria and evaluations designed for healthcare and enables organisations to:

  • Confidently evaluate interactions: assess brand, quality and agent performance, automatically check conversations and uncover coaching opportunities using a more extensive, representative set of data and interactions. 
  • Save time and protect capacity: empower leaders to focus on initiatives that optimise team performance and growth, uphold compliance standards and improve brand perception.
  • Audit more agent interactions: meet quality and compliance requirements, reach listening goals, provide greater visibility into team performance and generate brand insights.