ZoomInfo Helps Customers Increase Productivity by 60%: Report


Survey of more than 4,300 users reveals higher win rates, shorter deal cycles, and reduced spending

ZoomInfo, a modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence provider, released its 2023 Customer Impact Report, an in-depth analysis of the boosted productivity and immediate value that ZoomInfo delivers for go-to-market teams.

ZoomInfo surveyed more than 4,300 professionals across sales, marketing, operations, and talent roles to determine how the company’s data and tools are helping businesses and individuals unlock their growth potential.

The results show that ZoomInfo customers of all sizes and industries reap immediate benefits, including skyrocketing productivity, more efficient spending, higher win rates, and shorter deal cycles. The report, available for free download, illustrates how ZoomInfo’s advanced software and industry-leading data can help businesses of all kinds grow more effectively and sustainably.

On average, ZoomInfo users said they were 63% more productive because of ZoomInfo — cutting the number of tools they need, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks, and stretching their budgets further. Among the other findings:

  • Sales representatives cut their prospecting time in half with ZoomInfo, while doubling their connect rates over both phone and email.
  • 67% of sales leaders reported immediate gains in topline revenue, with deal cycles that are 37% shorter on average.
  • 90% of revenue operations professionals expanded their total addressable markets using ZoomInfo, and 70% of marketers reduced their spending due to more accurate targeting.
  • The average recruiter was able to hire employees 20% faster, and employees are four times more likely to stay at their company because they have access to ZoomInfo.

“Navigating today’s business environment means leaders have to think critically about how they can do more with less,” ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck said. “ZoomInfo helps them solve this challenge across the entire go-to-market team.”

“By using ZoomInfo over the past nine months, we have increased the number of viable leads for the sales staff tenfold,” said a sales director at Mount-It!, a ZoomInfo customer. “We’ve also reduced the amount of time spent locating these leads, leading to more time spent on the phone with the right contacts. Opportunities have more than doubled, and close rates have increased significantly. I’d recommend this software to any company looking to make their sales staff more efficient and effective.”