Claire’s Introduces The Collab


The Collab is a bold evolution of Claire’s desire to empower its consumers and invite them into the centre of the brand.

Global fashion brand Claire’s is introducing The Collab. More than an advertising campaign, it is a year-long celebration and reimagination of what a brand platform can be, inviting Claire’s community and members of Gen Zalpha worldwide to share their stories, diverse talents and unique perspectives through ongoing content and social dialogue. The Collab is a bold evolution of Claire’s desire to empower its consumers and invite them into the centre of the brand to highlight their voices, talents and creative expression for all to experience.

Kristin Patrick, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Claire’s, said, “Everything we do at Claire’s is in service to our consumers. In an effort to turn the brand over to them and let their many talents shine, we created The Collab to serve as a platform for them to share their hopes, dreams, passions and accomplishments with our global audience. Claire’s empowers every generation to be the most expressions of themselves, and The Collab is a way to recognise them for all that they are and want to be.”

This new platform will launch with a special group of Gen Zalphas for spring and continue to grow and become more dynamic with new faces throughout the year. More than just the inspiration for the brand, they will have influence in its creative direction across content, communications and activations – from in-store experiences to events to content co-created from both in front of and behind the camera.

Inspired by the brand’s anthem “Be the Most”, The Collab is Claire’s invitation to Gen Zalpha to take centre stage as the most diverse, savvy and empathetic generation yet, while motivating others through their own interests and passions. The Collab features a unique span of young talent including 7-year-old Ayla Palmer, creator and designer of the “AY” fashion line; 13-year-old Caro Hecks, a multi-talented drummer, surfer, ballerina and singer; 15-year-old Ashlyn So, a fashion designer recently named one of top three designers to watch by Vogue.