Clarins Launches CLARA

Clarins introduces CLARA

CLARA integrates natural language interactions, ensuring better understanding and resolution of customer requests.

Clarins, a global cosmetics Group, has launched CLARA, a customer-care bot, powered by Microsoft secure and Enterprise-grade Azure OpenAI Service. This bot integrates natural language interactions, ensuring better understanding and resolution of customer requests.

Jonathan Zrihen, CEO at Clarins, said, “We are proud to introduce CLARA, a pioneering customer care bot powered by the cutting-edge generative AI capabilities of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. This is a significant milestone for Clarins as we continue to set the standard in delivering exceptional service in the prestige beauty industry. CLARA is designed not just to meet but exceed the sophisticated expectations of our customers by providing tailored, instantaneous responses at any time. This innovation highlights our commitment to blending human expertise with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the beauty experience for every Clarins customer we serve.”

Jessica Hawk, Corporate Vice President, Data, AI and Digital Apps at Microsoft, said, “Clarins is a leader in the beauty industry, and we’re excited they are using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to help reimagine what’s possible with their customer care bot. This approach reflects Clarins’ deep commitment to offering its customers an innovative, high-quality experience.”

Corine de Bilbao, President of Microsoft France, said, “I’m proud of this excellent collaboration between Clarins, a long-standing French customer, and our teams. This French success story is a perfect illustration of Clarins’ determination to remain at the forefront of innovation in the prestige beauty sector, by relying on our cutting-edge technological solutions.”

Laurent Malaveille, Chief Digital & IT Officer at Clarins, said, “Having an outstanding customer satisfaction has always been a priority for Clarins. While we highly value human interactions with customers, we have naturally seized the opportunity offered by generative AI to go one step further and improve the quality of service of our customer care.”

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To offer the best service to online customers, Clarins jointly leverages human expertise and technology through a comprehensive range of services including live consultations, beauty classrooms, live streaming and of course a best-in-class customer care. It also provides a conversational bot as an alternative contact option. 

The bot enables customers to receive immediate responses to their urgent inquiries when the customer-care department is closed (e.g. late evening or nighttime). It also helps optimise the availability of customer care agent, during daytime, allowing them to respond swiftly to more complex inquiries that cannot be handled by a conversational bot.