Deloitte Unveils Insights on Creator Economy

Deloitte Research Touts Importance of the Creator Economy and its Impact on Consumer Engagement

Around 60% of the surveyed consumers are more likely to positively engage with a brand with a creator’s recommendation, Deloitte revealed.

Deloitte released a study, “2023 Creator Economy in 3D,” on the creator economy and its impact on customer engagement. The research found that 3 in 5 consumers surveyed are more likely to positively engage with a brand with a creator’s recommendation.

Dennis Ortiz, Advertising, Publishing, Social Media, and Platforms sector Leader, and Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, said, “The Creator Economy is experiencing significant growth, and it could be beneficial for you to explore its possibilities sooner than later as many brands are already leveraging its potential. Relatability is paramount as 50% more consumers are likely to purchase a product based on a creator’s recommendation with that creator’s socioeconomic background. To create a more meaningful impact, industry leaders might want to reconsider their marketing plans if creators aren’t in their arsenal. Ultimately, marketers willing to harness creators’ distinctive characteristics and take on a more collaborative approach from the start will be better suited for long-term gain.”

Kenny Gold, Head of Social, Content and Influencer at Deloitte Digital, and Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, said, “Your organisation can greatly benefit from the distinct value that working with creators can provide. Creators are at the forefront of spurring trust among consumers, supercharging the way brands form a more mature relationship with those individuals. It’s clear to see that creators can help marketers take their brand to the next level.”

Creators are designed to be more personal, reach specific communities, and tend to lead the development of their content. These personalities are more adept at becoming relatable and generating a more authentic connection with purchasers.