Infobip Integrates Google Vertex AI into RCS Messaging to Offer Conversational AI

Infobip Integrates Google Vertex AI into RCS Messaging to Offer Conversational AI

Infobip has announced a new offering which allows businesses and brands to access conversational AI and AI-enabled chatbots on RCS (Rich Communication Services) Business Messaging through a new integration with Google Vertex AI.

RCS business messaging is an interactive application-to-person (A2P) messaging protocol for Android mobile phones. Essentially, it is a message that is sent from an application to a person. Examples include survey questions that already have response buttons in the message itself, allowing the recipient to respond to the questions without typing out the answers.

This type of messaging enables interactive buttons, multimedia such as images and videos, carousel-style cards and chatbot integration. The new integration from Infobip allows businesses to create conversational experiences and intelligent chatbots to increase customer engagement and drive conversations. Instead of building separate chatbots for each use case, all can be serviced in a single messaging thread on RCS Business Messaging. In addition, businesses can automate processes, provide personalised support and deliver tailored interactions.

As of June 2024, Apple confirmed its intent to support RCS (Rich Communication Services) with the iOS 18 update. 

“RCS is one of the key communication channels that businesses and brands are increasingly using to communicate with their customers, given its ability to provide a rich experience natively available on customer phones. As experts in omnichannel messaging and with an unmatched portfolio of telecom partners across the globe, we can ensure that RCS messages, and messages across any other channel, are safely and securely delivered to customers everywhere. The combination of our RCS expertise and partner network, the power of Google’s Vertex AI, and client industry knowledge and customer insights guarantee conversational RCS interactions that will help set brands apart from their competition,” said Ivan Ostojić, Chief Business Officer at Infobip.

Google Vertex AI is a machine learning (ML) platform developed by Google Cloud that helps software providers easily build, train, and manage ML models and AI applications.

Early this year, Infobip rolled out AI Hub that streamlines digital transformation, allowing businesses and brands to construct end-to-end conversational customer journeys and enhance customer engagement across marketing, sales, and support functions.