LumApps Acquisition Of Vizir Enhances Digital Employee Experience

LumApps, a global employee experience platform provider, is announcing its acquisition of Vizir, the enterprise behind no-code digital assistant technology, ultimately enhancing LumApps’ platform through streamlining automation.

According to Forrester’s Future of Work survey, 60% of employees prefer to use self-service for resetting passwords and for app provisioning; furthermore, by 2023, 75% of HR inquiries will be initiated through conversational AI platforms, according to a similar report from Gartner. These statistics highlight an increasing dependency on digital assistants for menial tasks that would otherwise waste valuable time on behalf of IT or HR departments.

This acquisition from LumApps seeks to accommodate and anticipate the growing need for digital assistants – while ensuring they are truly beneficial.

“This acquisition is indicative of our investment in the growth of conversational AI and our response to the increased demand for digital assistants,” said Sébastien Ricard, CEO at LumApps. “Vizir’s next-generation technology will enhance our platform with effortless self-service across channels, strengthening our ability to reach employees where they are at, in a personalized, contextual way. We’re thrilled to have Vizir join the LumApps family.”

LumApps will leverage Vizir’s no-code, natural language understanding (NLU) technology to improve employee experiences within digital assistant exchanges. By simulating human dialog, Vizir makes chatbot communication more helpful and personalized while simultaneously automating redundant tasks. Additionally, with an intuitive, easy set-up, Vizir’s micro-apps ensure that the digital assistant can be used throughout various channels—including Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Google Chat.

“Intuitive digital assistants, also known as predictive chatbots, are quickly transforming the way HR, IT, and communications teams work and have the potential to provide considerable value for organizations that implement them,” said Thomas Maitre, CEO and co-founder of Vizir. “This acquisition will give every LumApps customer a chance to integrate intelligent bot software into their employee experience platform to meet the needs of today’s workforce. We’re excited about the possibilities of bringing these two companies together.”