PayPal Ventures Invests Cymbio

Cymbio, which has developed a brand-centric, marketplace and dropship automation platform, announced that it has received an investment from PayPal Ventures, the venture capital arm of the global payments company. The size of the investment was not disclosed. This latest development comes just five months after Cymbio closed a $20 million Series B round.

Cymbio’s marketplace and dropship automation platform acts as a technology bridge to relieve brands from the burdensome process of individually connecting with each marketplace and retailer. Cymbio offers a centralized platform enabling seamless and scalable retail connections to over 800 marketplaces, retailers, and widely used eCommerce solutions worldwide.

“PayPal Ventures’ investment in Cymbio reflects the important role that Cymbio plays in enabling brands to shift to a multi-channel commerce model,” said CEO Roy Avidor, who co-founded the company along with Mor Lavi and Gilad Zirkel. “This investment will support Cymbio in the next stage of our journey as we continue to help brands accelerate their digital sales growth by connecting them to a global retail ecosystem.”