Reputation Adds New Social Experience Features to Enhance Its Complete CX Platform

Reputation, the reputation experience management (RXM), announced a number of updates to its social customer experience product suite.

Five major updates for Reputation’s social publishing and social listening tools will enable marketers to more efficiently manage social channels in one location and use industry feedback data to create more strategic brand campaigns.

Social media channels have rapidly become a key destination for customers to share their experiences and interactions with brands. Consequently, it has also become increasingly important for companies to aggregate and analyze their public and private customer feedback data in order to gain a complete understanding of their customer experience. Garnering data on the social experience is now a critical component of customer experience platforms.

“Customers can share feedback within seconds of a good or bad experience, which has made it critical for Marketing teams to have the most innovative and complete tools at their disposal. At Reputation, we are always developing new products, services, and updates that will allow our customers to listen and interact in real-time with consumers across a variety of channels,” says Pranav Desai, Chief Product Officer at Reputation.

 Reputation customers will find the following product and service updates within the platform:

  • Social Listening Industry Monitors: Decision-makers want to know trending industry topics as quickly as possible. To make that process easier, Reputation has configured smart, standardized, subscription-based industry monitors that capture and highlight the most relevant social chatter within each segment of the most popular sectors, including Automotive, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Technology.
  • Smart Insights Widgets for Social Listening: Social Listening dashboards have long been used to help customers quickly analyze data from their listening monitors to identify trends and track changes. New Smart Insights Widgets go even deeper by identifying trends and noteworthy changes during a specified period of time, serving up analysis and call to action based on the virality and sentiment of the trend.
  • Instagram Carousel Posts: Social media managers can now add up to 10 photos or videos to a single Instagram post, creating a rich carousel-style post that can help boost engagement on the platform.
  • TikTok Integration: As the fastest-growing social network, TikTok videos have changed the way content across social channels is consumed – and brands must pay attention. Now, social media managers can create video posts within Reputation’s Social Suite that can be scheduled for posting on TikTok as well as other channels.
  • Optimal Publish Times: The best time to publish a post for maximum engagement is a hotly-debated topic in social media marketing. Reputation now settles the debate by intelligently determining the times of day that see the most audience engagement on each social channel and presents those times to the user for easy and effective post scheduling.

“We are pleased to share several updates to our social suite that continues our mission to have a robust offering for the complexity of social media today. These updates will enable our customers to leverage their social channels in order to engage with and understand their consumers in real-time, fostering opportunities for business growth,” added Pranav Desai, Chief Product Officer at Reputation.

Reputation’s latest social customer experience product updates are a result of the organization listening to feedback from its customers. For example, Social Listening Industry Monitors resulted from customers needing a more cost-effective way to track public conversations about their brand and harness customer feedback from their respective industries.