Snickers Debuts ‘Own Goal’ Campaign with Luka and Bukayo

Snickers kicks off ‘Own Goal’ campaign with Luka Modrić and Bukayo Saka

The new campaign will position Snickers as the snack to have while supporting and building long-term momentum and credibility for the brand ahead of a big summer of football.

Snickers has launched its new European-wide campaign in partnership with Mars Wrigley, introducing footballers Bukayo Saka and Luka Modrić.

Snickers’ Regional Brand Director,  Greg Kent, said, “We’re celebrating that sense of global community in football and authentically positioning the brand at the centre of the conversation”.

“Capitalising on key cultural moments and global talent, this campaign will resonate with all football fans and live beyond 2024 to achieve longevity for Snickers and its association with the sport,” Greg added.

Luka Modrić said, “I´ve really enjoyed working with Snickers. It’s been fun to rate some of the funniest football mistakes – mistakes happen and anybody can score an own goal, sometimes you just need some help to get back on your game.”

Bukayo Saka said, “We’ve all had embarrassing ‘own goals’ off the pitch, and football is nothing without our supporters, but getting your haircut during your team’s game is a solid 10 on the scale.”

The 20-second TV ad for Snickers Own Goal is set in a barbershop where a fan leaps up from his chair to celebrate a goal on TV and ends up with a botched haircut.