Why are Customers Abandoning Their Carts?

Why are Customers Abandoning Their Carts?

How is streamlining delivery processes becoming key to reducing cart abandonment rate? Approximately 77% of social media shoppers consider it crucial to know the delivery provider before making a purchase.

Social commerce is the next big trend in ecommerce, enabling users to purchase products directly through platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Sales through these platforms are expected to reach 8.5 trillion US dollars by 2030, compared to an estimated 700 billion US dollars in 2024.

Commenting on the rapid evolution of the social commerce market, Pablo Ciano, CEO of DHL ecommerce, said, “With the rise of social commerce and online marketplaces, online shopping is growing and crossing borders fast.”

To help businesses understand what consumers want from online retailers in 2024, DHL ecommerce surveyed 12,000 shoppers in 24 countries. From social media shopping habits to the impact of delivery options on purchase decisions, the survey revealed the trends influencing the buying behaviour of online shoppers worldwide.

How is social media changing consumer buying behaviour? 

In Europe, 22% of shoppers use Zalando to shop for the latest fashion and accessories, making it a popular place to shop.

Nicolas J. Chevalier, Founder & CEO of ECommerce Nation, said, “Consumer purchasing patterns change annually, often shaped by prevailing social and technological trends. One significant factor in this transformation has been the growing impact of social media. The rise of social media has revolutionised online shopping behaviour. Consumers are turning to social media platforms to learn about new products and services and research brands before making purchasing decisions.” 

Despite the significant surge in social commerce, high delivery costs continue to lead consumers to abandon their carts and choose other retailers. A survey revealed that 77% of social media shoppers find it important to know the delivery provider before making a purchase.

Why do shoppers abandon their shopping carts?

Around 41% of shoppers abandon their purchases due to high delivery costs, finding it frustrating to incur additional charges for delivery or returns. This frustration is particularly pronounced among shoppers in Europe, with Spain, France, and the UK reporting the highest levels. Meanwhile, 54% of international shoppers often abandon their carts due to limited delivery options.

How can flexibility and convenience in delivery options lead to online shopping success? 

As online shoppers demand flexibility and convenience, it’s crucial to provide a wide variety of delivery options at checkout. Including parcel lockers, pick-up points, and rescheduling options empowers shoppers to control their delivery experience. Offering both free and paid delivery choices allows customers to select based on their preferences. 

Those who need items quickly may opt for faster, costlier delivery, while budget-conscious shoppers can choose the slower, free delivery option.