CX NXT – the Customer Experience Summit Lands in Berlin

CX NXT - the Customer Experience Summit Lands in Berlin

The 4th Global Edition of the CX NXT Summit on October 23, 2024 will equip brands with the knowledge and strategies they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Around 85% of executives say improving the customer experience is a top  business priority. Technological advancements are offering exciting possibilities for innovation, and outdated business practices are creating operational friction. Add the pressures of an uncertain economy and industry leaders find themselves in a perfect storm. 

Despite the challenges, Europe stands uniquely positioned to excel in CX. CXM Today has announced the 4th global edition of CX NXT Summit in Berlin on October 23, 2024. This premiere event will equip brands with the knowledge and strategies they need to stay ahead of the curve.

This year’s summit will spotlight the region’s potential to lead in customer experience excellence, focusing on three critical areas:

  1. Digital Adoption: European businesses are prioritising digital transformation to meet the growing customer demand for seamless and convenient interactions across all touchpoints.
  2. Closing the Disjointed CX Gap: While many companies have made significant strides in improving customer experience, a unified customer journey remains elusive. This summit presents a golden opportunity to adopt a holistic approach to CX, ensuring a cohesive and engaging customer journey.
  3. AI Value in CX: The EU’s recent provisional agreement on the Artificial Intelligence Act sets a groundbreaking precedent. The rise of generative AI offers exciting possibilities, but requires careful integration. 

By attending CX Europe, attendees can gain a unique combination of expert knowledge, actionable strategies, and a deep understanding of the European CX landscape. This powerful combination will equip them to transform their customer experience and drive business success.

Snapshot of the CX NXT Europe Summit agenda

The currency of trust – and its impact on business

In today’s competitive business landscape, trust has become the most valuable currency. This presentation will explore the power of trust in CX and how businesses can build and leverage it to achieve sustainable success. 

Measure what matters: Customer satisfaction beyond NPS

This session dives into practical metrics that truly capture customer sentiment and guide your customer experience (CX) strategy. Learn how to measure what matters most to drive loyalty and sustainable business growth.

Can Conversational AI revolutionise customer engagement?

In the short term, conversational AI helps you do more with less. In the long term, this quick, convenient and positive interaction helps brands build stronger relationships with their customers.

The AI-human agent partnership in customer service

Automation can help your brand be available round the clock and deal with repetitive work and sentiment scores. But how do you get your teams aligned to the new technology developments and make the most of technology investments?

Our reputed line-up of speakers include Michael Becher, Chief People Officer at Avi Medical; Katalin Fritz, Chief Customer Officer at Marley Spoon; Kasia Gawlik, Customer Data & Privacy Director at Standard Chartered; Maria Kotti, VP Customer Journey at Auto1Group; Joerg Malang, SVP Customer Experience & Omnichannel, at Detouristik; and Friederike von Krosigk, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at GE Healthcare.

For registration and other details, visit CX NXT Summit- Berlin