The Tech Partnerships Powering Brands in the EU

How are European brands utilising technology to increase customer experience? A look at recent tech partnerships and innovations that are fuelling CX.

As global brands increasingly leverage technology to enhance customer experiences, the Western European market has become a focal point across industries. From Redcentric’s CX analytics tool for Microsoft Teams to VOXI’s genAI-powered chatbot integration, the wave of innovation shows no signs of slowing down.

The transformation hasn’t stopped there. Brands in the ecommerce, retail, and BFSI industries also adopt AI-powered tech stacks and other emerging technologies to streamline customer journeys with a personalised approach. Over 65% of CX leaders across the UK believe that AI-powered chatbots can build stronger emotional connections with their customers. 

Anglia launched Anglia Live and invested in AI-driven inventory management to streamline customer journeys with multi-currency invoicing, real-time stock visibility, and many more applications. 

In offline retail, Aldi UK’s introduction of a contactless card payment option with an AiFi technology-powered experience in London grabbed everyone’s attention.

Forrester’s global retail ecommerce forecast revealed that online retail sales would reach $773 billion in Western European countries between 2023 and 2028. This trend underscores the ongoing opportunities for businesses to integrate customer experience-focused capabilities that support online marketplaces, social commerce, livestream selling, and direct-to-consumer commerce.

Talking about CX-focused technologies, Supreet Kaur, AVP at Morgan Stanley, said, “As technology becomes more accessible, there will be a greater push towards developing solutions that are tightly integrated with business strategies and accessible to everyone in the company. These advanced data products will enhance customer experience and engagement by providing personalised insights and real-time solutions.”

CX Potential for the BFSI Industry 

As industry sentiments continue to stagnate amidst economic pressure, hopes for the BFSI industry across the UK still exist to re-imagine its customer engagement strategies. A 2023 research from SAP helped several banks and financial services providers pivot from a one-size-fits-all approach to delivering hyper-personalised customer experiences. For instance, the UK’s Aldermore Bank previously partnered with Mambu in 2023, helping the banks build their customer-focused BaaS models. 

In February 2024, Paycom, a comprehensive, cloud-based human capital management software provider, expanded its product offerings and geographic reach into the United Kingdom. Its latest inroad includes access to Beti, an industry-first solution that empowers employees to do their own payroll. 

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Growth Drivers for the IT and Telco Industry 

Traditional contact centre technologies are merging with the customer engagement centre market. A report previously revealed that the European Customer experience management market is expected to reach US$8,442.90 million by 2028. Several technology partnerships and AI-powered solutions have been introduced in Western Europe to enhance and personalise customer experience at scale. 

An Overview of Other Customer-Centric Partnerships 

In April 2023, Tech Mahindra partnered with Spain-based Atento to offer global enterprises generative AI-powered solutions and services. This partnership offered a comprehensive suite of business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions and services in over 50 languages. 

Another partnership was signed between Salesforce and AWS, making Salesforce products available for purchase via the AWS Marketplace in the UK. Since April 2024, it has enabled consumers to seamlessly leverage pre-approved budgets, build trusted AI apps, deliver data-powered CRM experiences, and ultimately increase business performance.

Redcentric has introduced Akixi’s real-time CX Analytics for Microsoft Teams to the UK market. This allows customers to access CX analytics solutions through Unity, its telephone platform. By leveraging the CX Analytics feature for Microsoft Teams, service provider customers, particularly those in informal contact centre environments, can access end-user call data in real time.

VOXI recently became the first UK-based Telco to deploy genAI chatbot into its system. VOXI’s AI chatbot, built with Accenture and powered by ChatGPT technology, prioritises responsible AI practices through a built-in safety framework.

What major challenges are these innovations resolving? 

Important outcomes: 

  • Enhanced hyper-personalisation experiences in real-time by providing actionable customer insights 
  • Streamlined customer journeys during every touchpoint 
  • Improved operational efficiency of teams working within organisations by eradicating data silos 
  • Bridged the emotional disconnect between the brands and their customers by incorporating technologies such as AiFi, generative AI, and AR

The list of CX-focused innovations in Western Europe is extensive, and they are substantially addressing scalability, cost, and infrastructure limitations across various industries over time.