Acquia Unveils DXO Solutions

Acquia Expands Digital Experience Platform with Launch of Digital Experience Optimization Solution

Acquia’s new DXO solution will include Acquia SEO to increase brand visibility and engagement, and Acquia Convert to build high-performing personalised experiences. 

Acquia, an open digital experience software, announced that it is expanding its digital experience platform, Acquia DXP, with the launch of Acquia Digital Experience Optimization (DXO). 

Tom Bianchi, Senior Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing at Acquia, said, “In today’s business landscape, every martech investment needs to maximise the ROI of marketing spend with a clear line of sight to revenue, customer retention and profitability priorities. However, digital marketing teams traditionally have had to rely on disjointed tools from multiple vendors that have made experience optimisation processes inefficient and hindered their overall effectiveness. 

“Acquia DXO offers a more streamlined optimisation strategy that helps any digital team to continuously improve the effectiveness of their digital experience in ways that directly affect customer engagement and satisfaction, and advance them through their path to purchase,”Tom added. 

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The new solution makes Acquia the first of any DXP vendor to offer a complete offering to maximise content relevance, search performance, and conversions. In addition to the previously announced Monsido acquisition offering site governance and accessibility, 

Acquia’s new DXO solution will include two additional products: Acquia SEO; to increase brand visibility and engagement, and Acquia Convert; to build high-performing personalised experiences across the customer journey. 

Besides that, Monsido by Acquia will ensure a solid foundation to deliver inclusive and accessible digital experiences that increase customer satisfaction with web governance tools that maintain digital accessibility compliance, improve content quality and brand compliance, eliminate errors, and simplify data privacy and consent management.

Acquia DXO offers a powerful combination of capabilities that empower digital marketing teams to optimise every aspect of their digital presence and provide more productive digital journeys that meet today’s demands for frictionless, relevant, and accessible interactions.