Atento Launches AI Studio

Atento Launches AI Studio, a Comprehensive AI Platform to Elevate Customer Experience and Efficiency

Atento AI Studio is a critical component of the Company’s comprehensive AI solution ecosystem, designed to elevate the customer experience and transform companies’ operational efficiency. 

Atento, a provider of customer relationship management and business transformation process outsourcing (CRM/BTO) services, has launched Atento AI Studio, a proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform designed to elevate the customer experience and transform companies’ operational efficiency within an ethical, safe, and private framework.

Dimitrius Oliveira, CEO of Atento, said, “We are at the forefront of applying Artificial Intelligence to improve customer experiences and provide valuable insights for better decision-making. Through this platform, we are ready to drive and foster innovation, taking the customer experience to the next level.”

“With the launch of Atento AI Studio, Atento takes a significant step forward in its commitment to lead Business Transformation Outsourcing (BTO), supporting companies in their business transformation through a suite of technological tools with a human touch that enable exceptional customer experiences,” Oliveira added. 

Atento AI Studio is a critical component of the Company’s comprehensive AI solution ecosystem. The platform offers modular and scalable solutions that enable businesses to harness the power of AI to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve greater business goals.

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AI Studio leverages Atento’s proprietary solutions, capabilities and generative AI technologies to provide companies with a secure environment, where they can enhance their customer interactions. By connecting, processing and organising data, and applying advanced analytics on Atento’s Corpus (knowledge base boosted by AI), business can improve their customer service using Atento’s extensive knowledge and experience in Customer Service.

The platform is based on three pillars: Atento Insights, Atento Knowledge and Atento Conversations. 

Atento Insights transforms data into business intelligence. By analysing big data from customer interactions, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer needs, based on patterns and trends, enabling informed decision-making and personalised service that drive growth.

Atento Knowledge delivers dynamic real-time information. This solution integrates real-time data, allowing Atento agents to use the most current and relevant data in their interactions. The ‘Hubbie’ module, a chatbot developed to support agents, provides the most appropriate information at the right time.

Atento Conversations elevates customer interaction. This tool enables fluid, natural and personalised conversations, thanks to generative AI features and advanced understanding capabilities. Responses are generated based on an extensive structured knowledge base and customised prompts, allowing Atento’s consultants to follow these prompts that guide their conversational tone and the brand’s voice in customer interactions.

The platform ensures the consistency, reliability and security of the information by controlling data updates and management through a Corpus, providing a private and secure environment. This guarantees that the final interactions are based on the accurate information. 

AI Studio integrates top Generative AI platforms, such as those from OpenAI, Microsoft, AWS, and Google, with machine learning functions, in a secure and private environment. This ensures responsible and ethical information processing, always aimed improving the customer experience and protecting their privacy.

Atento AI Studio also features an advanced AI layer, LINEU – Learning Intelligent Node for Efficient Understanding. LINEU moderates content flow between agents/customers and the central modules of AI Studio, monitoring and blocking out-of-context information, thereby reducing application risks.